WATCH: This nail-biting fight between a lizard and snake is breaking the Internet right now!

  • 1 year ago
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This will literally blow your mind

Remember the nail-biting video of a baby iguana escaping from a den of snakes last year? Yes, the monstrous survival chase had given the entire world an adrenaline rush. Now, another video of the reptile world is breaking the internet that would give you chills.


The creepy video shows a big lizard enclasped by a snake — trying to squeeze it to death. However, the lizard in peril had a brave friend around who was not willing to lose his with a real fight. The gallant lizard is seen charging the mighty snake to release its friend from the clutches of the snake. In fact, it succeeds once, and the snake loosens it grip and attacks the brave fighter but does not fully release its prey. One might think that the lizard has given up but no, it tries to climb back again up the wall to help its friend.

The spine-chilling video has gripped Netizens’ attention and it has gone viral with over 5 million views on YouTube alone!

Watch video here