IN PICTURES: Saudi Arabia's Riyadh 60 years ago

  • 8 months   ago
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The Saudi Twittersphere was taken back 50 years ago after old photographs of their capital Riyadh emerged online.

Many became nostalgic for the “good people’s days” as the older generation has comes to be known.

The photographs originated from the Crain family who donated the photos to the Washington D.C. public library. Dr. Darrell Crain was an American doctor who was brought to Riyadh in April 1950 to treat the late founding King Abdulaziz al-Saud.

Dr. Crain was an avid photographer and brought his camera with him on his mission to Riyadh all those years ago. Many are reporting the photographs to be the first in color to document life in Saudi Arabia during the 1950s.

United States Brigadier General Wallace H. Graham could be seen in some of the photographs, who was US President Harry S. Truman’s personal physician at the time.


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