How to survive a plane accident

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Five things that you must remember

With global surge in air travel, incidents of air crashes are raising a wave of concern. While all airlines provide safety advises to passengers while boarding, there are some scientifically-supported steps that can save lives during an air crash. Here are five things you must remember:


1: Where to keep the hand luggage?

However expensive and precious the items in your carry bag may be, ensure not to block your way to exit. The reason why airlines guide passengers to keep the aisle clear is to ensure free walking space during emergency. Even few seconds of delay during an accident can cost your life.

2: Where to sit?

There are certain locations in the aircraft that are safer than others. According to the Popular Mechanics, the back seats behind the wings are safer. Sitting next to the exit is also safe as you will take less time to leave the plane at the time of accident.

3: How to sit?

Remember the safety guidelines by the airlines asking the passengers to brace in times of accident? Scientifically, the position can help you save your life. The Reader's Digest states that sitting with tightened seatbelts in brace position is safest.

4:  The first safety step

The very first thing to do at the time of the crash is to wear your oxygen mask. Reduction in the air pressure in the aircraft can make one unconscious in less than 20 seconds.  Follow the instructions of the cabin crew.

5: What to wear?

Most of us hardly consider the safety perspective while dressing up for travel. We all chose to stay comfortable without worrying whether the outfit we are wearing are safe for air accidents.

It is advisable to wear no-inflammable clothes. Cottons and wools are safer options to polyesters and synthetic.

To keep your feet comfortable while ensuring safety, avoid flip-flop and high heel that can slow down your movement. Flat comfortable sneakers are apt.