MUST SEE: You WIll Never Believe How People Reserve Their Seats in Davao

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MUST SEE: You Will Never Believe How People Reserve Their Seats in Davao

The peace and quiet that Davao boasts is one of the leading factors that elected President Rodrigo Duterte into the presidential seat. 


Davao which has been tagged as one of the safest cities, not only in the Philippines but around the world is mainly due to the strict and unyielding state of security the city has. 

Former Mayor Duterte is known to rule with an iron fist when it comes to making sure the rule of law is followed. He has effectively eradicated some of the worst problems, some cities can only dream of removing. 

In Davao, fireworks are not allowed as it creates both air and noise polution. Not to mention, the health hazards they pose to people exposed to these sparkling lights. 

Cigarette smoking is also prohibited. There are assigned smoking areas and you must follow it or face Duterte's wrath. 

MUST SEE: You WIll Never Believe How People Reserve Their Seats in Davao!

A hands on city mayor, he is said to roam the streets of Davao dressed plainly and casually to avoid attracting attention and he also penalizes violators on the spot. 

The citizens, well the majority of them, seem to be content and satisfied with this kind of authority. 

This is the legacy that his daughter Inday Sarah Duterte aims to project and show the public, that indeed Davao is safe. 

She shared a meme on FB which bears the caption: How to Reserve A Seat in Davao. In the picture, cellphones were left in the tables without anyone watching over them. 

The meme got a lot of positive responses from supporters and Davao citizens

What can you say about the meme? Do you think Davao is really a safe city?