Dubai Police clarify 'forgiveness card' that went viral

  • 1 year ago
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“Dear driver, we are sorry the radar caught you speeding. Despite violating the traffic law, we will not issue [you] a traffic ticket.”

A card with those words and the Dubai Police logo went viral on social media. But Dubai Police clarified that the card though real was an old one issued 10 years ago.


Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Head of the Federal Traffic Council and Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Operations Affairs, said the card was created some years ago when the police wanted to spread happiness among the tourists visiting the country.

“The card was a nice gesture and a message to tourists who committed minor traffic fines, and it was by the order of the Dubai Police chief 10 years ago,” Major General Al Zafien said.

The card, which carried the Dubai Police logo and contained a message for motorists went viral on social media as drivers liked the idea and thanked Dubai Police for such a nice gesture.

“Dubai Police always want to help drivers with regard to minor traffic offences which do not endanger lives. But it’s not right to circulate the card now,” Major General Al Zafein added.

The card

The card read, “Dear driver, as you are a guest in the UAE and came to visit Dubai... the police welcome you and hope [you will] enjoy your stay. We are sorry to inform you that a radar caught you speeding and violating the traffic law, but despite that we will not issue a traffic ticket to you... we are not looking to fine you, but our goal is your safety.”