BREAKING: Paris financial court complex on LOCKDOWN after bomb threat

  • 1 year ago
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A PARIS court which is handling separate investigations into French presidential candidates Francois Fillon and Marine Le Pen has been evacuated after officials received a bomb threat.

Police said more then 100 people had been moved from the financial centre of  the Tribunal de Grande Instance in the French capital.

Officers and bomb disposal teams were sent to the scene in the 9th arrondissement after receiving an anonymous call warning a bomb had been left in the building.

A police spokesman said: "The usual checks are in progress.”

A security cordon has been set up and police have closed a number of surrounding streets.


The court houses investigating judges and the national financial prosecutor (PNF) whose office handles serious economic and financial fraud cases.

It is currently working on separate investigations into conservative presidential candidate Mr Fillon and his fierce rival, Front National Ms le Pen.

Mr Fillon is under investigation for allegedly paying his wife and children for parliamentary work which they did not carry out.

Ms Le Pen is accused of using European Union money to pay aides for Front National party work.