10 year passport bill ratified by Congress awaits Duterte signature

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10 year passport bill ratified by Congress awaits Duterte signature

Bill extending validity of passport ratified by both houses of Congress



Lawmakers confident of speedy signing by president

10-year passport to benefit Filipinos, especially overseas workers

 Filipinos will soon be able to enjoy 10-year passports after the Senate and House of Representatives approved and ratified a bill extending its validity from the original five years.

Sen. Cynthia Villar, the vice-chair of the Senate foreign relations committee and an author of the bill, said she is confident the bill would be signed quickly by President Rodrigo Duterte into law.

“Extending the validity of passports from five to 10 years is included in the President’s legislative agenda,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted her as saying.

Upon reception of the bill, the president can either sign or veto it. If he does not sign, then the bill automatically becomes law after 30 days.

An author of the bill, Villar praised both houses of Congress for the speedy passage and said it would greatly benefit Filipinos — especially the overseas workers.

“With the speed and efficiency both houses of Congress provided in passing this bill, it goes without saying that we are all in agreement that this measure will work for the benefit of the traveling public, especially our overseas Filipino workers,” she said. “We owe a lot to our OFWs. They keep our economy afloat with their remittances of approximately $50 billion annually. Giving them a 10-year guarantee on their right to travel abroad will certainly be a great help to them.”

Sen. Sonny Angara, another author, echoed Villar’s sentiments.

“This measure will certainly give comfort to our OFWs. Often, they have to file a leave from work for them to be able to travel back and forth to the nearest Philippine embassy or consular office to get their passports renewed,” he said.