The Disease to Please

  • 10-Mar to 10-Mar
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  • Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) room: 105-106


A personal development workshop - The Disease to Please.

Needing the constant approval of others can be an addiction known as the ‘Disease to Please’.

People pleasers are not just nice people who go overboard trying to make everyone happy.

Those who suffer from the Disease to Please are people who say Yes when they really want to say No. For them, their fears of anger and confrontation force them to use niceness and people-pleasing as self-defense camouflage.

As recovered people pleasers, the hosts of this workshop, Life-Coaches Shefa Ali and Elizabeth Wood, came to the conclusion that a balanced way of living that takes others into consideration but puts the emphasis first on pleasing yourself and gaining your own approval is the clearest path to health and happiness.

Shefa and Elizabeth will be offering clear, positive, practical, and easily do-able steps toward recovery.

You Will Learn:

How to put yourself first

How to say NO diplomatically

Be en-route to self-worth

Establish personal fulfilment

Create a balanced way of living

Create more self-awareness

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