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Ramadan Session

  • May 28 - May 28
  • Hilton Doha Diplomatic St, Doha

The Ramadan Experience is public event that will carry the traditional Qatari customs of Ramadan, where it will start by having an informative session about Ramadan. That is followed by a Q and A session that will allow the interaction of people and starts a conversation about multiple of topics due to the various cultural backgrounds. This will follow a traditional Qatari Iftar and a live celebration of garangao, its preferred that families involve their kids in such events as they will learn and be a part of the culture.

boldstartThe break down of the activities all included in the ticket cost:boldend

1. Session

2. Qatari hospitality

3. Garangao

4. Traditional Ramadan Iftar

5. Henna

6. Calligraphy

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