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Tablets from the pressure

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Model : S9

Model Year : 2018


Hypertension is one of the dangerous cardiovascular diseases. The upper pressure values can range from 140 to 180 mm Hg. Art. In most cases, it causes arrhythmia, heart failure, can lead to a stroke and even death. To avoid the disease, you must adhere to a healthy lifestyle, exercise, avoid stress, monitor your health. Symptoms of hypertension can be described as follows:

significant headache;

frequent pain in the heart, arising during excitement, stress, experience;

extraneous noise, squeaking in the ears;

Asterisks, dots in front of the eyes.

If you find yourself in such signs, you need to see a doctor so that he diagnoses. In this case, the doctor can prescribe a medicine to treat hypertension. One of the most effective means is "Amlodipine" - a popular drug of antihypertensive nature. It is a cure for pressure, which contributes to its reduction by relaxing the smooth muscles of the vessels.

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