This iPhone 8 concept is an awesome throwback to Apple's first phone

  • 1 year ago
  • 1981

Later this year, Apple will reveal the 10th anniversary iPhone to the world, showcasing a decade of innovation – but what will it look like?

Digital artist Martin Hajek has created concept renders for what he’d like to see from the iPhone 8. They're based on the working theory that Apple plans to release two normal iPhone 7S handsets, alongside a third, super-charged iPhone 8 or iPhone X. This handset will reportedly get bonus features such as an OLED screen, and is predicted to cost more than £800.

While we’ve seen plenty of concept renders for the iPhone 8 already, Hajek’s designs are unique in that they’re a major throwback to the first ever iPhone. Released in 2007, the original iPhone featured a two-tone back and a curvacious body.

Hajek has adapted this then-innovative design and updated it for modernity. For instance, much of the front of the phone is now occupied by what appears to be a large 5-inch plus display – a far cry from the 3.5-inch panel on the original iPhone.

In all fairness, Hajek is probably right on this point; the iPhone 8 will almost certainly feature an all-screen front. LG adopted a similar design with the new LG G6, and Samsung has done the same with the new Galaxy S8, dubbing the aesthetic ‘Infinity Display’. Apple is hotly rumoured to follow suit later this year.

However, bear in mind that these aren’t official renders, so there’s every chance that the actual iPhone 8 – if it’s even called that – will look very different to Hajek’s concept.


Check out some more of Hajek’s renders below:

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