This Heroic Dog Protect A Kid By Blocking A Moving Car By Himself! Watch This!

  • 1 year ago
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Dogs really are man’s best friend. They are prepared to sacrifice their lives for their masters. Dogs form such a close bond with humans that some of them even die of grief when their masters die. 

Want more proof? Just check this out:

A post was shared on UOK’s Facebook page featuring a dog and his owner's child in Thailand. The child was happily riding his bike with their dog sitting nearby. 


Suddenly, a blue car approached. The dog, mindful of its master's child, ran towards the car to stop it from moving. This heroic act protected the child from any possible accident that may have occurred if the car continued along the street where the child was joyfully playing.

The viral video gained numerous praise from netizens. Here are some of them:

“Animals also have a sense of responsibility and caring towards their humans.” 

“I was so touched by what the dog did,”

“What an amazing dog, now I feel like taking one as a pet!”

In spite of the heroism that the dog exhibited, others speculated that it was just an act. However, regardless of whether it was it was planned or not, it is still a perfect example of a dog's love for humans.

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