Nurse's Phone Rings At Salon, Then She Runs Out With Her Foils Still In

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A seriously awesome midwife is making waves online after taking off to attend a birth — with foils still in her hair.

Carrie Hall, from Whitesburg, Kentucky, is a nurse practitioner and a midwife, meaning that she’s a medical nurse who focuses her practice on helping expectant moms through the pregnancy and birthing process.


Like most nurses, she has days where she’s on-duty, days where she’s off, and days where she’s “on call.”

If you’re on call, you aren’t actively at work, but you’re ready in case an unexpected situation develops.

Still, I think we all know that most nurses are always “on call” on some level.

People in this profession are known for going above and beyond the call of duty for their patients, and Carrie is no exception.

When she went in for a hair appointment recently while she was on call, she knew there was a chance she might get summoned away from the salon.

Still, we bet her patient was surprised when Carrie took off immediately, showing up at the birthing center with the foils still in her hair!

Carrie Hall, a nurse-midwife from Kentucky, became a viral sensation recently after she shared a hilarious birthing photo with her alma mater, Frontier Nursing University.

Frontier posted the photo online, where the image of Carrie holding a baby, with her still in foils from the hair dresser, took off big time.

The photo got hundreds of shares, and was “liked” thousands of times by approving viewers, tickled by Carrie’s can-do attitude.

The photo’s caption explains exactly how Carrie found herself in such an unusual situation.

It reads, “An FNU grad sent us this photo with the caption: ’1st time for everything! Thought I’d share! I was at the salon and nature called!’”

She was getting her foils done when she got the word that an expectant mama was ready to deliver!

In an interview with Cafe Mom, Carrie explained the situation further.

She says:

It was just an ordinary day on call when I thought I’d chance a hair appointment for a color!

The local hospital was five minutes away so … foils and all …. I went to catch a baby!

The patient was ready to push when I arrived!

Luckily, the patient delivered within 20 minutes.

Carrie knew when she sat down for the appointment that she had a patient in the very early stages of labor.

In many cases, labor progresses slowly for hours or even days before Mom needs to start pushing and actually delivering the baby.

With her wealth of experience in birthing babies, Carrie assumed she had plenty of time to keep her appointment — midwives often aren’t brought in until much later in the labor.

But, as she explained to Cafe Mom, no sooner did Carrie have her hair fully-foiled than a call came in: that patient in early labor had moved very quickly into active labor.

Carrie was out of her seat in an instant. She took off for the hospital and helped her patient deliver the baby with all the highlight foils still in her hair.

By the time Carrie arrived, the new mom was ready to push and the baby was delivered 20 short minutes later.

Lots of folks commenting on the original viral photo were deeply concerned about what might be happening to Carrie’s hair under there, since the bleach and color mixture for highlights can burn or break hair if left on too long.

For those concerned, never fear. The birth was so short that Carrie got her foils off just in time! And her hair? It looks great!

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