Check Out These 6 Pinoy Celebrity Father-son Pairs You Could Mistake for Brothers!

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Many fathers have strong genetics which clearly show in their children

Sometimes their children are called carbon-copies of their parents due to their striking resemblance

These 6 hunky celebrity fathers and sons might make you think they were actually brothers

Have you ever encountered a family member who said you looked very much like another family member – like a father, an uncle, a cousin or a brother? These handsome father-son pairings might have you seeing double then!

Some people are considered carbon copies of their parents. Others have just enough genetic variations in their appearance that they could actually pass for their parents’ siblings!


These hunky celebrities have it all – steady careers, wealth, well-built bodies, handsome faces and apparently very strong genes.

Handsome celebs like Aga Muhlach, Piolo Pascual, Gary Valenciano, Rommel Padilla, Cesar Montano, and Manny Pacquiao, have such strong blood that their own sons could very be mistaken for their little brothers!

Check out this list of 6 celebrity father-son combos who look like they could be brothers instead!

1. Daniel and Rommel Padilla.

Daniel definitely gets his charisma from his 52-year-old father Rommel. Although the father-son duo aren’t as muscular or have that Western-appeal like their contemporaries, they still have that magnetic swagger which has all the ladies swooning.

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