CAUGHT IN THE ACT! Terror Teacher From Tuguegarao Slapped Student!

  • 10 months   ago
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  • Teachers are considered the second parents of children in school.
  • But what if they are the ones who actually hurt the students?
  • Read about one terror teacher in Tuguegarao who was caught in the act!

Teachers are considered our second parents in school, where we spend most of our formative years. Aside from imparting knowledge, teachers nurture their students and inspire them to do well, and in the process, changing their wards’ lives.

But what if these second parents are the ones who hurt and threaten our children as their way of “teaching”? What if these are the terror teachers feared by the students? How will the parents speak up, for fear of failing marks for their children?

This is exactly what happened in the video uploaded online by the Facebook page, All About the Philippines. The post called on the parents of students in a certain public school in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. It encouraged parents to file a complaint against one maestra whose abusive behavior was caught on camera.

The video showed one teacher, reportedly in the Kindegarten level, going around to check the students’ seat exercises.


 She was speaking to her students, but appeared to be belittling them for not knowing how to do the seatwork. The pregnant terror teacher looked irritated.


When the terror teacher went to the front of the class, the teacher pointed out something to the student. She kept on asking and pointing, but the little boy appeared confused.

Visibly losing her patience, the teacher suddenly slapped the student.


Watch the video below, be warned it is violent:

Most of the netizens were shocked and furious with what happened. They called on the suspension and removal of the guilty teacher, because she seemed unfit to become a teacher, of little kids, nonetheless!

Child abuse, like physical punishment such as pinching or slapping, is punishable by law under Republic Act 7610 or the Women and Child Abuse Act. Despite laws protecting the children, most abuse cases that happen in schools go unreported for fear of retaliation from the teachers. Some students are bullied, while others are given failing marks for the simplest reasons.

Erring teachers will be slapped with criminal charges and could face jail time if found guilty.

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