15 Shocking Times Animals Saved People's Lives

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Everyone who has had a pet in their lives has some understanding of the loving bond between people and their animals. Whether their chosen pet is a dog, cat, bird, dolphin, or a baby cow their owners tend to fall in love with them. This is probably because of the inherent loyalty that can exist between a pet and their owner. Perhaps it is because we feed them, or maybe humans and animals are meant to be friends.

Whatever the reason, we absolutely love these stories of animals saving humans lives. It not only brings warm fuzzy feelings into the picture, it shows us exactly what animals are capable of if we show them compassion. For anyone that is moved by these stories, there are tons of ways to volunteer with animals in need. This is a great way to give back. Either volunteer at a local shelter walking dogs or cleaning the cat area.

You can also donate money. There are tons of charities that help various animals in need. Animals are deserving of our help, especially since human habitation has killed a lot of their habitats around the globe. Check out these heartwarmingly shocking stories.


15. Davide Ceci And Filippo

Fourteen-year-old Davide Ceci was with his father on his boat and he didn’t know how to swim at the time. When he fell out of the boat and his father didn’t notice, it could have surely meant doom for Davide. Luckily, popular tourist attraction and local dolphin Filippo came to the rescue.

When Davide was floating helplessly in the water Filippo the 850-pound dolphin noticed that he was in trouble. The sea mammal pushed the young boy up out of the water and eventually to safety. The dolphin was something of a celebrity in the small town off the coast of Southern Italy. When Davide realized that he was being pushed by Filippo he says that he started to hold on to the friendly dolphin.

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