Offences punishable by imprisonment in Qatar-Part II

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Coercion, threats and blackmail Exploiting minors

Over a week back we told you about some of the offences that are punishable by jail time in Qatar. In the first part, we talked about food code violations, thefts and embezzlement, finding lost property; today we will continue from there. 

Coercion, threats and blackmail:

Forcing people to do something that they would normally not do is coercion. Coercion can be by force or by other means. According to Article 351 of the Qatar Penal Code. “Whoever acquires, with the use of force or menaces, a legal document with a signature thereon, receipt, quittance or a literary valuable document, a legal or social record, or compels a person by force or threat to sign, stamp or thumbprint thereof, shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years.” 


Similarly, blackmailing people is also illegal and an imprisonable offence. Article 352 states, “Whoever forces another with the use of threat, to deliver money or items by accusing or threatening them, or someone else, of committing a crime shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years. Where the crime subject of the threat involves death penalty or life imprisonment or honor, the penalty shall not exceed seven years in prison if the crime is the subject of accusation or threat.”



Article 354 states, “Whoever fraudulently or falsely impersonates another, and in such assumed character, seizes for themselves or others, movable assets, debt receipt, or cancels, spoils or modifies this bond by using fraudulent means, assuming a false name or a fake character in a way to delude the victim shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years.”


Selling property which is not yours:


“Whoever dishonestly or fraudulently disposes of a movable or immovable property which they have already disposed of, without having the right to do so shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years”, article 355 of the penal code states. 

Exploiting minors: 

“Whoever exploits a minor's passion, need or lack of experience and orders him to get movable assets, debts or bond, or to cancel, spoil or modify this bond in order to harm them or someone else shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding three years and a fine not exceeding ten thousand ( 10.000) Qatari Riyals”, as per article 356 of the penal code, the Article further adds that: “The penalty shall not exceed five years in prison if the offender is a guardian, caretaker or keeper of the victim pursuant to the law or to a judgment or agreement.”

Check bouncing and other issues: 

The law uses the phrase ‘Whoever maliciously’ commits the following acts: 

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