How to get a Qatar Residency Permit for your Newborn Baby

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In Qatar every birth has to be registered even if it’s of foreign nationals’.  Babies born to expatriate parents are not entitled Qatari citizenship. But a Qatari birth certificate is issued. Expatriate parents are responsible for registering their child’s birth with their respective country’s embassy.

All births in Qatar should be registered at the Women's Hospital, which is next to Hamad General Hospital on Al Rayyan Road. The hospital where the delivery took place will issue 2 letters to obtain birth certificate. 

Procedure to get a Visa for a New Born Baby.

1) Go to Hamad Women's hospital outpatient department's 3rd floor to apply for the baby's birth certificate.

2) There is a small form to fill which is available at the spot. Documents needed for the Birth certificate are passport copies of parents, id (RP) copies of parents and attested marriage certificate. Take original documents if possible as most of them were asked for it.

3) Make sure you fill all details properly. The name you give in the application form will be used in the Birth certificate which will be later used in the passport.

4) If the baby is born in Hamad, take the 2 cards given by them (given to you after the baby is born). one is a vaccination card which is yellow / green in color. Im not sure about the other card.

5) If you baby is not born at Hamad, you will need to bring the information from the hospital where he/she was born.

6) If your wife is under husband sponsorship OR if both husband and wife are under same company sponsorship, They will accept the form. Pay QR 20 for each certificate (Its an original one). You can choose either Arabic / English Version. Most people take 2 copies of the certificate.

7) If the husband and wife are working for different sponsors, the application will be accepted and you will be asked to collect the birth certificate from the CID. The CID is located on Abu Samra road.

8) Proceed to your Embassy and apply for a passport.

9) Once you get the passport, proceed to immigration office for the visa. You can go to Gharaffa, Madinat Khalifa or Meseimeer for RP (these are the only 3 i know of).

10) Documents needed are: Mother and Father Passport copies, ID copies (or RP copies), copy of birth certificate, copy of marriage certificate and Photographs (Keep a couple of them). Take the originals of documents along as well as they might ask for it. There is an application form to be filled and is available at the spot as well.

11) Give the documents to the officer. They charged me 400 QR for a 2 year visa.


How to get a residency permit for your newborn

Let's find out the steps that one must know about the Visa for a newborn in Qatar:

Step 1: Acquiring the Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are issued at the Women's Hospital. The process takes a couple of hours at most. The submission procedure takes only a few minutes. A simple form needs to be filled. Apart from the original, extra copies can be requested, for which an additional fee will be charged.

Documents to be submitted -

  • Original passports of both parents + copies
  • Copies of RP/VISA pages of parents
  • Vaccination card** + copy
  • Notification of live birth**
  • Copy of attested marriage certificate

**obtained from the hospital where the child was born

Step 2: Obtaining the passport

Collect the required forms from your Embassy. There are three forms to be filled (passport application, application to register birth and birth certificate application). If you don’t want the hassle of filling the form yourself, there are several “freelancers” outside the embassy who’d do it for you. All you need to do is give them the proper details and a nominal 'fee' (20 QAR or thereabouts). You would need three/four specified passport-size photographs of the baby. Also carry copies of the application forms.

Other documents that may be needed are Qatar birth certificate of the child and Copies of parents’ passports.

Step 3: Stamping the RP/VISA

No forms to be filled here. Just submit the requisite documents and pay the visa fee at one the immigration service centres.

Documents needed-

  • Child’s passport + copy
  • Sponsor’s original ID
  • Copy of Qatari birth certificate
  • Copies of parent’s IDs and RP pages
  • Copy of marriage certificate

You can get the full details of the process from the Hukoomi website. You can apply online.

Your sponsoring company can help you with the visa application. You have to complete the entire process within two months of birth.

If the mother delivered her baby in her home country and wants to come back to Qatar, the baby can come to Qatar on a Visit Visa. But within two months parents need to apply for the residence permit for the newborn.

This visa is issued free of charge with fine of QR 10 per day of delay, after expiring the specified period which is two months outside the country and three months inside country.

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