What is the current state of UAE job market?

  • 9 months   ago
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The UAE job market has definitely seen an upward swing this year. Sectors such as technology and construction have picked up the momentum once again after a very slow 2016. This has resulted in an increase in recruitment activity across all emirates. As the Expo2020 is getting closer, new opportunities are arising for UAE residents and expatriates. Hospitality sector has seen the biggest boost as a result of Expo2020. There is a need for bigger and better hotel chains, entertainment parks and recreational facilities. Telecommunication and aviation sectors are also growing considerably. Marketing and advertising professionals are in great demand. They are required to work across a wide variety of industries. Social media jobs, in particular, are available in abundance.

Employers are always looking for individuals with technical and niche skills such as IT, mechanical and engineering. But at the same time, soft skills such a communication, leadership and time management skills are also something the employers are looking out for in today’s competitive market. Therefore, job seekers need to have an all round approach if they wish to get hired in the UAE.

Job advertisements on the internet have increased in the recent times and are expected to increase further as online job postings remain the most popular source of hiring among the UAE employers. Most employers in UAE prefer online portals to find potential candidates as it attracts a wide variety of locals as well as expatriates. Recruitment professionals advise job seekers to ensure their CV and cover letter are written in a professional style. The UAE job market is set to become more and competitive as the number of expatriates is expected to increase by the year 2020. Therefore, having an ordinarily written CV will not open the right doors.

The CV writing market is huge in UAE and in particular in Dubai. Job seekers are opting for professional CV writing services to have their resumes tailor made to their career requirements. It is important that you carefully select the right CV writer who is experienced in not only writing a job winning CV for your particular industry but also for the UAE region as the requirements of the UAE employers are vastly different than the other parts of the world. Experience and skills are given more importance than qualifications. Due to a lack of anti-discriminatory laws, personal details such as nationality and gender also required to be declared on a CV. Such factors should be kept in mind while making a CV for the UAE job market and so hiring a locally experienced CV writer can make a big difference.

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