This Breathtaking Artificial Island Has Been Declared as the 'Future of the Philippines'! See It Here to Believe It!

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The Philippines as we know it is admittedly slowly improving. Despite many economic problems, our government is doing the best they can in order to lift the Philippines out of poverty and make life easier for citizens. 


In order to do this, government officials create various projects to add more infrastructures for Filipinos to use. Some notable projects include the MRT and LRT as well as its extensions, major road constructions, reconstruction of notable ports to be used for international trade, and many more. 

One of the latest projects in the pipeline is the rumored ‘New Manila Bay City of Pearl’, an artificial island blueprint which went viral all over social media this past week. In all honesty, the project looks quite similar to Dubai’s Palm Islands which is also a series of artificial lands built on top of water. 

Since the Philippines is known as the "Pearl of the Orient Sea,” Ho & Partners Architects which is a collaboration between the Philippines and China, thought it would be fitting to name the new project as the City of Pearl.

The project is quite timely since the Manila Bay has already undergone numerous rehabilitation processes due to the pollution surrounding it. Despite these many efforts, the major body of water bordering Manila is still far from being as clean as it was many years ago.

This project aims to hopefully give a new face to the Philippines’ very own Manila Bay in order to attract a few foreign investors. 

The ‘New Manila Bay City of Pearl’ is also expected to generate more jobs for Filipinos who are seeking for job opportunities in Manila. Aside from that, the artificial island will also double as a park and golf course for entertainment purposes and will have residential buildings for people who are interested in living there. 

Watch the promotional video here:

What do you think of this new government project? Will it truly benefit Filipinos in the long run or will it just remain as a plan due to lack of funding? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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