Pointers You Need To Follow For Green Card Lottery

  • 11 months   ago
  • 2072

The “Green Card Lottery” or else DV Program is indeed the annual lottery conducted by the Department of  State, U.S in order to allow a large number of people to attain the Resident Visa on the permanent note to the USA.  The visa offered under the program is reserved for the natives belonging to countries which have low immigration rate to the U.S. 


The application period when talked about the lottery each year is just a month long. Hence, there are lesser opportunities to rectify mistakes that have been made when submitting the documents. There are greater chances for a person to get disqualified in case he/she fails to fill the forms appropriately. Hence, it’s significant to fill the forms rapidly and correctly. Are you keen to know about the procedure of applying for Green Card Lottery? If yes, look at the points given below:

  • Determine Eligibility: When it comes to Green Card lottery, you must take into account that it is meant for people who are keen to become the permanent citizens of the United States of America. In case, you are thinking of staying in the U.S but temporarily either for a vacation or business, this lottery is not for you. For this, you may require the temporary Visa exclusively for nonimmigrant stay. In case, you belong to an eligible nation, there are chances for you to get qualified for visa waiver program. You also need to consider whether or not you qualify for some other form of the immigrant visa. You need to determine whether or not you belong to an eligible nation.
  • Assemble as well as submit the documents: Beware of scams when it comes to the application procedure. Certain applicants have received letters or emails with the application for requesting money. Well, it is for you to know that Department of State hardly gives any information to the applicants via regular mail or e-mail. It is recommended to the applicants not to use the agents or consultants for filing the application. Instead, you can opt for the trusted organization that helps in submitting the application through the Green Card Lottery websites. Don’t confuse yourself by the dates, gather all information that you require, collect and validate the photos, consider filling the application and make sure to receive the confirmation number.
  • Notification of the Lottery results: The State Department won’t call you to let you know about your selection. Besides this, the department won’t ask you for money via emails. However, the department can ask you to analyze Entrant Status Check exclusively for new information regarding your application. You can easily access the results exclusively by clicking on the link of Entrant Status Check exclusively on the lottery website.

The procedure for Green card application won’t seem that daunting if you have patience. For obtaining the Visa, you need to be aware of the time limits and follow the right instructions when it comes to Entrant Status Check. Consider adjusting the status in case you’re already in America.

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