Hurricane Irma - How to Escape the Impending Natural Disaster When It Is Tough to Find a Flight

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Hurricane Irma is anticipated to hit Miami as a category 4 hurricane on Sunday and people staying in South Florida area are trying to evacuate. For many people who are stuck in Florida as Hurricane Irma bears down will find it close to impossible to geta flight. Significant number of flights are getting cancelled by major airline before the Category 4 storm making landfall by Sunday. There are different routes out of Irma's way, however Amtrak gives off an impression of being booked up, in spite of the fact that Greyhound Bus Lines demonstrates that tickets out of Miami are still available to be purchased. 


In the event that you are really fortunate to catch a flight out of the hurricane storm zone, it's probably going to be very costly. In spite of the fact that JetBlue has dropped its ticket prices to $99 as a crisis measure to help the escape endeavors in the Florida.

Regardless and for future reference, there are a couple of ways you can try to get away from an approaching catastrophic event in a hurry through airlines

Pay Up at - The point Guy

At “The Points Guy”, running down the situation for business travel for the individuals who at present plan to leave Miami. Ticket fares have been over $2,000, one-way. But in case you want to just escape from the danger zone paying the price is dependably a choice. 

Travel to an airline center 

It can enhance your chance of finding a flight if you are willing to fly to anyplace. For American, this would-be Dallas, Charlotte, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, to name a few, full list can be checked at TravelMiles101. 

Utilize your miles points

Frequent flyers accumulate a good number of points that can be used in place of money at most of the places. So regardless of the possibility that you can't get a flight from an airlines website, you can check whether your miles balance can be redeemed and if it can get you a ticket. 

Try to find a friend with a chartered plane 

This is really a very good and lucky situation, finding a friend who is definitely rich and holds a chartered plane can help you in escaping the impending natural disaster quickly.

Fly in private airlines

Private airlines tickets are very expensive but in case you don’t want to take a chance and want to get out of the approaching hurricane this is surely a route to take, fly through private airlines. Prices now are running $5,000 over the standard $15,000 and service providers are flying planes into Florida with an intention to meet the demand.

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