15 Selfish Acts Of Titanic Passengers That Night

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15 Selfish Acts Of Titanic Passengers That Night

The sinking of the Titanic was a tragic accident that shook the world to the core. Thousands of people lost their lives and those lucky enough to survive carried with them the terrible memory of that fatal night forever.


Women and children were the first ones to be prompted to get into lifeboats. Most men, true to the unwritten code of chivalry, stood aside smoking their last cigarette and bidding their families goodbye. But it wasn’t just men who were courageous. Some wives refused to get into lifeboats without their husbands. And so many couples died side-by-side.

The band did not once waver either – they died in their life jackets, playing as the ship was sinking. A priest who was travelling on the ship was said to have been urged twice to get on the lifeboat. Instead, he chose to stay on, taking the last confession of those who knew they wouldn’t make it.

And of course, the Captain of the ship, Edward Smith, refused to abandon his ship also. Some claim that after the ship went down he was seen in the cold water, clutching a child, a hero until his last breath. Others say that even while he was floating in the freezing water, he was still urging the lifeboats on, intent on going down with his ship. And of course, he did go down with his ship, and he died alone and cold, just like many others.

Amidst all of this courage, there was something else: cowardice. Not all passengers were courageous. In fact, most of them were selfish. True to human nature, they were looking out for one person only: themselves.

15. Bruce Ismay Was The Highest-Ranking White Star Official To Survive

Bruce Ismay was an English businessman and president of White Star, the company that built the Titanic. Ismay was often aboard his ships on their maiden voyage, and the Titanic was no exception. He was the highest-ranking White Star official to survive the sinking of Titanic and subsequently gained the reputation of a coward.

Ismay boarded one of the last lifeboats available that fateful night and refused to even glance back at the sinking ship. When the ship Carpathia rescued those in lifeboats, Ismay asked for a private cabin and spent most of his time under the influence of opium.

American press was merciless towards Ismay, condemning him for leaving the sinking ship when women and children were still on board. He was called the “Coward of the Titanic” and “J. Brute Ismay”. The public got even more upset when rumors spread that during the voyage Ismay urged the captain to increase the ship’s speed so as to reach their destination quicker and gain free press. It was also discovered that it was Ismay’s idea to limit the number of lifeboats on the ship. The Titanic could have carried 48 lifeboats and yet under the advice of Ismay, it carried only 20, thus condemning most of Titanic’s passengers to death.

14. Daniel Buckley Pretended To Be A Woman

Most men who survived the Titanic were dubbed as cowards and rumor spread that they boarded the lifeboats dressed as women. However, only one man was actually caught donned in women’s clothes. His name was Daniel Buckley. Buckley said that once he was on the deck he noticed a group of men jumping into a lifeboat. He decided to follow in their example and also jumped in, leaving the ship behind. However, two officers suddenly appeared with a group of steerage passengers. They urged the men to leave the lifeboat and instead let the women get on. But according to Buckley, six men stayed on, refusing to leave the lifeboat. Terrified, Buckley started to cry and a woman, taking pity on him, placed her shawl over his head. The officers eventually noticed the six men and prompted them to leave once again. The men refused and the officers fired shots over their heads. The men scrambled out of the lifeboat, but Buckley went unseen.

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