15 Scary Secrets Airlines Don't Want You To Know

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We’ve been cleared to take off. Cabin crew, take your seats.” Statistically, airplanes are still the safest way to travel. But are they really? Have you ever wondered, while uncomfortably buckled up to your 14D seat, what is going on behind the curtain? Sure, the airlines want us to believe they are doing their best to take care of us and make our experience onboard as pleasant as possible.


However, there are so many things they are keeping secret from us. From questionable hygiene and pseudo-safety measures to dead bodies onboard, the well-oiled machine of the airline industry has a lot to offer. You have two options here: you can either continue to live (and fly!) in blissful oblivion, or choose to learn what to really expect next time you book a flight.

For the brave ones who are willing to face the truth, we have come up with a list of 15 dirty little (and not that little!) secrets the airlines don’t want the passengers to know.

Ready for take-off?

15. Turning Off Electronics Is Actually Just So You Could Listen To Safety Instructions. That’s It.

When the plane is about to take off, the crew instructs you to turn off all your electronic devices. The conscientious flyer you are, you make sure your mobile phone is in airplane mode because you believe that as long as you’re not using wi-fi or mobile data there is no risk of crashing the plane. However, turning off your phone or laptop makes no difference to the line between the pilot and the air-traffic control. The crew members prefer that you have them switched off so that you could pay attention to the safety messages. But that’s all. In fact, data shows that half of the passengers leave their phones on, because they either ignore the instructions, or just put them in their bags and forget about them.

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