15 Pictures That Define Michael Jordan's Billionaire Lifestyle

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Michael Jordan is a man who needs little introduction. His “Airness” has been a staple in the minds of sports fans for nearly three decades now. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Michael Jordan’s climb to the top started in high school when he was cut from his team. That’s right, the man who would be the greatest of all-time, got cut. It would be the last time Jordan would taste that kind of defeat during his career. A fire burned in this incredible athlete like none that has ever been seen before and none that has been seen since. Jordan went to the University of North Carolina, won the 1982 NCAA championship (literally-his shot won the game) and his legend only grew from there.

Once in this NBA, Michael Jordan quickly became one of the premiere players in the league during a time where great players were scattered all across the league. It was the “golden age” of the NBA with so many greats battling against one another for supremacy. But Jordan stood above them all and would go on to win six NBA Championships, six NBA Finals MVPs, five NBA MVPs and earned 14 All-Star appearances, nine All-Defensive First Team selections and was the NBA Scoring Champion 10 times.

That’s a serious resume and just the tip of the iceberg. Michael Jordan has also amassed a fortune, setting the standard by which all athletes are measured when it comes to endorsements. Jordan, in addition to his NBA and financial success, has been extremely charitable with his time and money. His “Airness” has a tremendous world and is the best of the best. Thus, Jordan enjoys some of those perks. Here’s a glimpse into Michael Jordan’s amazing world. These are 15 pictures that define the wealth of NBA legend Michael Jordan.

15. Dream Catcher

Many people don’t get to snap their fingers and have a dream come true. For example, some people dream of traveling to Paris, France. Most people have dreams they never get to. Some are able to achieve them over a lifetime of trying. The difference when you are Michael Jordan is that you can execute a dream by simply walking through the door. Jordan had always dreamed of bike racing. He wanted to be part of an actual event; not just ride around in circles by himself. That is when he was given a Ducati and allowed to participate in an official race. The red Ducati Desmosedici was especially exciting for Jordan because he grew up riding dirt bikes. This was a passion of his for years. In Valencia, Spain, he raced his butt off and achieved one of his childhood dreams.


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