15 Famous People Who Died From Animal Attacks

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The natural wilderness of our planet has always been both fascinating and dangerous. The majestic rolling hills, the dry and barren desserts, the colorful tropics—which encompass the organic simplicity that many people admire—are just fragments of the larger scope of our wildlife.


Networks, mini-series, and channels such as National Geographic, NOVA, and Discovery have all brilliantly shown viewers the depth of Earth’s natural landscape and all its glory. It’s really amazing to witness the type of footage that these talented photojournalists and wildlife videographers capture. Although, it seems like anyone can be an animal and wildlife enthusiast nowadays. All you need is to have some basic camping experience, a love of animals and nature, and some sort of delusion that you can speak and understand animals. Let’s look at the reality of our wildlife.

Whatever we may see and assume about nature is not always beautiful and pleasant. Those who are committed to show the brutality of survival do it well and with respect. Animals, and nature in general, don’t have the time to care about us humans. We are part of its cycle of survival. It’s true that we are at the top of the food chain, but are we really, though? Are we equipped to handle being face-to-face with a leopard or a crocodile? In all cases, the answer is a gigantic NO. 

When humans go into the realm of animals, we are simply no match. Let’s explore some of the examples below in this list of 15 famous victims who died from animal attacks.

15. Historical Legend: Cleopatra

Earth’s history is filled with pompous and selfish rulers and royals. It’s juicy, complex, and mysterious. One of the most mystical and obsessed historical figures that we know of is Cleopatra. She’s the siren of Egypt, who brought some life back into Cesar’s old and limp toga. We’ll probably never know who she truly was as a human being, but one thing will certainly leave a mark—the symbolic snake bite that took her life. The shortest history lesson ever was—in five lines or less—that Cleopatra was on the come-up. She met Cesar and became his beau and tried to pull baby-mama status. Cesar went ‘f*** that’, but brought her a*s over to Rome. Cesar got assassinated by his homies, which got Cleo twisted until she met Mark Anthony. They slayed together, until Anthony’s bro (Octavian) offed him. With no beau nor power, Cleopatra took a few asps and got cozy.

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