15 Dumb Parents Who Are Bringing Their Celebrity Kids Down

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Parents to young celebrities often find themselves torn between the roles of advisor and manager. The line can get blurred fairly quickly when a ton of money, fame and spotlight are at stake. Often, celebrity parents are celebrities themselves, which causes even more conflict of interest. Good intentioned advice and guidance often turn into ridiculously bad ideas and public embarrassment; sometimes complete career sabotage. The truth is, there is no handbook on how to be a good parent to a famous child. Some of these parents (probably) did their best, but their best fell short…way short.

Obsessively controlling, money-hungry or just plain “not cut out for Hollywood”, we’ve seen it all. Throw in alcohol and drug problems and you have an even bigger case of dumb-dumb parenting. Who could forget the slew of bad decisions that Ozzy Osbourne made with his kids, most of them broadcast publicly on their reality TV show The Osbournes in the early 2000’s? Or the atrocities that Dina and Michael Lohan concocted during Lindsay Lohan’s  heyday? Those two were totally, totally nuts. Kris Kardashian was, and still is, Hollywood’s smartest/dumbest parent. Her marketing skills are clearly on point, but she’d sell her kids out for a new Gucci handbag with no hesitation.

Being a parent doesn’t always equate to good decision-making skills. These guys missed the mark- big time. Let’s take a look at who makes our list of  15 Dumb Parents Who Are Bringing Their Celebrity Kids Down.

15. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was once a doting and dedicated father to daughter Suri. In the aftermath of his (quite public) divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012, things seemed to take a turn. Amid speculations that Katie left Tom due to his involvement with Scientology, the father/daughter duo became somewhat estranged. Suri, now 10 years old, is old enough to be affected by her father’s extremely hands-off parenting approach. Tom often goes MIA for stretches of time without seeing Suri. In 2015, it was reported that Tom hadn’t seen his daughter for more than 2 years. Like a true deadbeat dad, he has claimed that he calls his daughter often, as if that is enough to maintain a relationship. The bitterness seems to stem from Tom’s devotion to Scientology. According to reports, he was furious that Katie spoke out against the religion. Some have questioned if he has abandoned his daughter because she is no longer affiliated with his religion. All roads lead to: dumb parent. Way to go, Tom.


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