15 Chilling North Korean Secrets Totally Exposed

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Since the Korean war that ended in 1953, the going-ons in North Korea have been kept fairly under wraps. The war ended with a treaty officially separating what used to be one country into North and South Korea. South Korea is a republic nation, with most of its population centered in the urban capital of Seoul and the modern South Korean has opportunity and human rights.


North Korea, however, is quite different. The country is led by a dictator that limits all contact to and from the outside world. Citizens are raised to believe that their dictator and his family are Gods that will not be questioned and ought to be praised for giving them all that they get (even though what they have is very minimal).

As the newest dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has assumed power and, more recently, as Donald Trump has begun his presidency in the United States, tension between the two countries has been at an all-time high. Kim Jong Un makes threats of nuclear war on a near-daily basis, and Trump responds to such threats with equally vague threats of his own. Meanwhile, citizens of both countries are waiting to see which city will be blown up first.

As we get to know more about North Korea’s missile program, armies, navy, and war capabilities, we get to know more about the country itself which has been shrouded in mystery for over fifty years. Here are fifteen North Korean secrets we’ve exposed:

15. Hairstyles Are Policed

If you know very little about the country of North Korea, you probably at least know that the government is very controlling of the everyday citizen. Everything in North Korea is standardized and has rules, including the cut of your hair. There are a total of 28 approved hairstyles that are gender specific; meaning, if you’re a man then you have ten potential hairstyles to choose from, and women have eighteen options. And it’s not even like the hairstyles are that different. Basically, if you’re a guy then you’ve got to be kept close shaven and clean cut in bad hairstyles while women have hair that is rarely allowed to grow past their shoulders (but should NEVER be cut above above the ear). Kim is apparently not a fan of the haircuts his dad picked out so one of his duties as dictator has been to switch up the haircuts. Pretty important matters of state, don’t you think?

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