What Is That Painless Lump Behind the Ear?

  • 1 year ago
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Painless lump behind the ear are actually quite common, and most are benign. Some painless lumps behind the ear can indicate a serious condition.

Regardless of the possibilities, it is always beneficial seeking advice to a doctor especially if they seem to be getting bigger. Early detection helps identify and treat serious problems, thereby, avoiding complications.


Sebaceous cysts

Sebaceous cysts are caused by blocked or damaged sebaceous glands. Small sebaceous cysts are not dangerous, generally painless and harmless. However, infected sebaceous cyst may become painful. A rapidly growing cyst can indicate cancer.

Sebaceous cysts can generally be left alone, unless they get infected or otherwise cause problems. Infected cysts required with medications, most of which are injections. Doctors may also drain the cyst or surgically remove it. Some doctors use lasers to remove cysts.


A lipoma is a fatty lump that can develop between the layers of the skin. It will feel soft and rubbery. Lipomas tend to be small and range from 0.4 inch to 1.2 inch. They usually do not grow. Lipomas can develop anywhere on your body and most often found behind the ear, but they can also develop on the back, arms, neck, shoulders or thighs. Lipomas are benign growths that are found mostly on adults. They often go away on their own.

Lipomas are usually removed through surgery, especially if they are large. Since they are a type of fat deposit, they can also be removed through liposuction. Doctors can use steroid injections to shrink lipomas, but such injections won’t remove them.

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