Stop Using Vaseline Immediately! 4 Reasons You Should Never Put Petroleum Jelly On Your Skin!

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Stop Using Vaseline Immediately! 4 Reasons You Should Never Put Petroleum Jelly On Your Skin!

The main component in Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly, is usually included numerous beauty items. Furthermore, it is also used on its own for skin hydrating.


However, Do You Know What Petroleum J

It is the oil refining process’ by-product that is not environmentally friendly along with its long-lasting usage can lead to a great deal of health concerns.

This component was initially present in the bottom of oil well. However, it is also fine-tuned for usage in appeal items. Some declare that petroleum jelly includes some harmful chemicals.

How Does It Work?

Petroleum jelly is often added in many skin care and charm products, consisting of lotions, creams, as well as baby items. It is also referred to as Petrolatum, Paraffin oil, Liquid paraffin, or Mineral oil, and forms a protective skin barrier and holds in wetness.

As a result of that this component is not water soluble and water resistant, it can form a waterproof skin barrier.

You may think it is not a huge deal, but it can also block the pores and lead to bacteria and residue. Thus, you must prevent utilizing the products including this component on sunburns or burns given that it can prevent the body from healing itself.

In the beginning glimpse, it may appear that the skin is well-moisturized and hydrated, however petroleum jelly does not consist of anything that can nurture the skin.

Side effects of Using Products Containing Petroleum Jelly:

It Has Hydrocarbons that Could Be Collected in Fat Tissues

Given that the skin can not metabolize petroleum jelly it functions as a barrier up until it subsides. In such a method, it is not advantageous for the body and it consists of some elements, such as hydrocarbons, which could be soaked up in fat tissue throughout the body.

According to a recent study, food intake, air inhalation, and dermal absorption can cause body contamination as a result of their mineral oil hydrocarbons.

What’s more, the study analyzed the long-lasting absorption capacity of the hydrocarbons in the body in addition to the capability of the mothers to pass them on to their children by means of breastfeeding. To be more particular, the results revealed that there is a connection between the fat tissue quantities and those handed down in breast milk, suggesting that there is an excellent possibility of long-lasting storage of these hydrocarbons within the body.

Likewise, researchers mentioned that there is a strong connection between contamination and using charm and cosmetic items, so that the appeal products are considered as one of the primary hydrocarbon exposure sources.

It Might Result in Collagen Breakdown

As petroleum jelly produces skin barrier, it might likewise add to breakdown of collagen.

Particularly, once a product containing this active ingredient is used on the skin, it really blocks its natural ability to breathe and absorb the essential nutrients, thus slowing the procedure of cell renewal and resulting in collagen breakdown and wrinkles.

It Could Increase the Threat of Estrogen Dominance

Nowadays, estrogen supremacy is a common health issue, which is characterized by high estrogen and low progesterone levels, resulting in hormonal imbalance. Sadly, it might lead to menstrual issues, allergies, sleep and autoimmune problems, accelerated aging, nutrient deficiencies, infertility, and some cancer types.

It is a fact that there are different products consisting of petroleum jelly might elevate the danger of estrogen problems, given that they might affect hormone receptors in the body, activating estrogen supremacy.

Overexposure of This Active ingredient Can Also Outcome in Many Other Serious Health Issues

Products including petroleum jelly do possess other hazardous chemicals, such as 1,4 dioxane. Moreover, it is cancer-promoting element present in 1/4 of the tested beauty items.

In addition, lipid pneumonia might be caused when small petroleum jelly quantities are breathed in and saved in the lungs. In other words, it leads to a severe lung swelling.

Here Are Some Natural Alternative to Petroleum-Based Products

We are going to provide you several exceptional replacements for petroleum jelly products, which can also moisture and nourish the skin, such as:

Shea Butter: It is naturally abundant in Vitamins E, A, and F, and healthy fats, which have a capability to nourish the skin, lower skin swelling and elevate collagen production. It ought to not be integrated for other products, but used by itself on the skin.

 Beeswax: It needs to be added in some natural lip balms and body creams and applied on the skin. Additionally, it is an excellent petroleum jelly alternative and uses the exact same results.

Cocoa Butter: It is abundant in antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, making it an amazing skin item that could decrease the indications of aging.

Coconut Oil: The oil is plentiful in lauric acid and healthy fats that can deeply nurture the skin and act anti-inflammatory. But, as an outcome of the fact that coconut oil can cause breakouts in some individuals, you ought to use it on a small skin area in order to evaluate it.

Jojoba Oil: This oil can resemble sebum, i.e., the oily compound naturally produced by the body for nourishing and securing the skin. You can prepare homemade body lotion by blending Shea butter and Jojoba Oil.

Almond Oil: It can nurture the skin and serve as a fantastic replacement for petroleum jelly items.

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