Maryland to Become First State to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides

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Finally, a state is about to pass legislation limiting the pesticides many suspect are responsible for colony collapse disorder and the disappearance of so many bees: Maryland.

And with good reason: Maryland lost 60% of their hives last year – a substantial loss, and one significantly higher than the already staggering 42.1% lost on average nationwide.


And the main suspected culprit? A class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids, or neonics – pesticides including Knockout Ready-to-Use Grub Killer, Ortho Bug B Gon, and All-In-One Rose & Flower Care.

Although the USDA has failed to declare a link between bee deaths and neonics, and the EPA is still reviewing the link between varieties of insecticide and colony collapse disorder and won’t release their findings until 2018, there’s plenty of science worldwide that supports bee advocates, who claim neonics are responsible for CCD.

A large global team of independent scientists created a task force that reviewed 1,121 independent studies, and their findings concluded that neonics play a major role in bee population declines. Due to their findings, the team said in their report that neonics should most definitely be restricted.

While many cities have banned neonics, Maryland’s new law, slated to go into effect in 2018, would be the first statewide ban on neonics. Even then, the ban would be only for everyday gardeners – farmers and professional gardeners would still be exempt from the ban.

Still, it’s a big step forward, and one to be commended, even if there’s still plenty of work to do – work other countries are doing. France, for instance, has already implemented a nationwide ban on neonics.

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