If You Put A Clothespin On Your Earlobe For 5 Seconds, This Is The Incredible Effect

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Are you feeling stressed? Some people pay for an expensive full body massage are some other fancy treatment but perhaps you might be interested in learning a little basic reflexology that you can do on your own to achieve the same, relaxing results.

According to Richard Randig who is a board certified reflexologist .


He says that all you need do is to focus on different pressure points within the ear to relieve stress and ease symptoms in other areas of the body.

Integrative Health also says that ear massage helps with multiple health issues such as pain relief and addiction.

He says that the reason this ear massage works so well is because the ears are very close to the brain and in the video below you will have a chance to watch him explaining about the specific techniques that will maximize the benefits of this practice. If you are new to this, you can take a look at this reflexology map to help you understand these locations.

If you don’t have time (or the money) for professional, you can do some reflexology techniques on your own, says Reflexology Map.

The first step is to sit down comfortably in a chair and if you have long hair, pull your hair up and out of your way. Then begin by gently pressing your ear lobes and pulling them downwards. Use gentle pulls, this shouldn’t hurt. Then trace the outer edges of your ears several times.

When you touch your ears watch closely the rest of your body and you will note pain or irritation you feel when you squeeze your ear. Gently put pressure on each point of the outer ear, hold pressure for about five seconds in each spot before moving on. Repeat five times before moving on to your other ear.

Another technique;

Many people have even done this procedure by using a clothes pin on each of the six pressure points on your outer ear for five seconds. By putting pressure on the lobe of your ear you will ease your headaches, while other pressure points on the outer ear will solve tummy troubles, sinus pressure and back and shoulder pain.

Watch this video for a full example of this technique and then give it a try for yourself.

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