7 important things about sleeping during pregnancy

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The body undergoes through a lot of changes during pregnancy, which can make it extremely hard to stand, walk or even sleep. Once you enter the 3rd month of pregnancy, you may experience big sleeping changes due to the huge tummy and pain in the legs, back and neck.


However, there’s a way to fix it – continue reading below to learn 7 important things that will help you sleep while you’re pregnant.

Don’t sleep on the back

As the abdomen rises in size, the shape of your back might change as well. This makes sleeping on the back very uncomfortable which is why you should avoid it.

Avoid sleeping on the stomach

Sleeping on the stomach is unacceptable during pregnancy as it may hurt the baby.

Create a comfortable sleeping environment

Believe it or not, you can sleep better in a cool room than in a hot one. The ideal temperature for sleeping is 15.6-19.4 C,

Use pregnancy pillows

These specialized pillows will help you sleep better.

Stop worrying

If you like to fall asleep fast and avoid insomnia, don’t bring your worries into bed.

Change your sleeping positions every trimester

For better sleep, we suggest changing your sleeping position depending on the trimester.

Sleep on the side

Experts recommend sleeping on the side during pregnancy in order to avoid hurting your baby or pain in the back.

The first 3 months of the pregnancy are critical for the baby’s development and are also the time when all the baby’s organs are created. During this period, you should avoid having too much coffee, alcohol, chocolate or tea, and smoking is strictly prohibited. Before taking any medications, we suggest consulting with a doctor first

Your diet should consist of fresh fruit and vegetables that will nourish your body with nutrients and boost your overall health. Never eat raw fish during pregnancy – if you love fish, always cook it first. Follow these tips and you will surely have a healthy baby. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!

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