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The many great enduring mysteries like the Voynich Manuscript, the Bermuda Triangle and the existence or otherwise of life after death has always fascinated us and saw has the story of Nandos.

The story trails back centuries ago when the Portuguese explorers set sail in search for the legendary spice route in the East. They set ashore in Africa and that’s where they spotted the African Bird’s Eye Chilli, known as Pili-Pili in Swahili, today known as PERi-PERi, a taste so good they named it twice.

The first Nandos was opened in Rosettenville, a suburb of Johannesburg in South Africa, and today serves in 22 countries across the globe.

Chicken is what Nando's does – ‘the chicken specialists.’ Decent chicken; not organic, not frozen, nor battery-farmed or pumped full of chemicals. It is cooked in front of you, as quick as you like, just the way you like. The chicken comes EXTRA HOT, HOT, MEDIUM or LEMON and HERB, choose your sauce by using the PERI-ometer, based on how you like it hot or not.

Each piece, even the plain, is marinated in spicy PERi-PERi sauce for an entire day before it's grilled the sauce made from a recipe based on the Portuguese Galinha à Africana method of barbecuing chicken. 

You can have your chicken as a QUATER, HALF, WHOLE or WINGS, with one or two regular sides, such as corn and coleslaw. If you want chips, you can choose between regular and the very popular hot chips, sizzled with PERi-PERi. 

There chicken is served in other ways - as a burger, in a wrap, as a salad, mixed with vegetables and rice, or hanging skewers. 


Qatar’s hot moving menu is the Espetada Carnival – a tender marinated grilled chicken stuffed with garlic, pastry and feta. Skewered with mixed peppers and served with a side of butternut squash and grilled corn, PERi chips and any designer drink of your choice and the Cataplana Original, served in an authentic copper dish with PERi-PERi chicken thighs, grilled seasonal vegetables, spicy rice and cataplana sauce.

An average meal in Nando’s – the Espetada with two regular sides, and with a bottomless soft drinks, will cost you approximately 59 QAR. It is not, perhaps, what you or I might describe as aspirational, still a less celebratory dining.

Nandos first branch ever in Qatar was in Salwa road, today they have branches in 7 locations. 

One of the most attractive things about Nanods is the very friendly atmosphere, and if you are a regular customer you will have that one waiter who will serve you as the way you like your chicken. 

My very first experience at Nandos was at the Financial Square on C-Ring Road, and I was greeted in by friendly faces and smiles. The atmosphere inside was cozy, It was busy day - which means there is a fast turnover of food; i.e the food will be fresh, not left lying around for hours.

The presentation of how the food was served and the drink was astonishing. Every bite was a spicy passion of flame that ignited my taste buds, I could taste the marinated chicken covered with the sauce and the spicy rice and a sip of the drink to give you that electrifying taste was unbelievable. 

Up to this day, I visit Nandos Financial Square twice a month, because I love the atmosphere and that one waiter “JJ” who would always recommend the best dish, the laugh and the best customer service you would ever have – making your visit always a memorable one.

There is a saying at Nandos; Minha casa é sua casa – our home is your home. And here, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and of course great food.

Written By: Abdullah Imthizar S. M

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