Most People Have No Idea That These 10 Foods Come From China

  • 2 years   ago
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Everyone knows that cheap plastic products come from China. But did you know that a lot of food comes from China too? This means, just like the products, that the food is of inferior quality, bordering on actually dangerous.

We’re talking about actual plastic rice! Not just unethical, but truly disgusting and flat out inhumane. It doesn’t stop with just rice, here are the foods to look out for.

Foods You Need To Avoid:

1. Tilapia

This is farm-raised China fish that eat pretty much anything and are raised in nasty, dirty water. The seafood farmers in China won’t even allow their own families to eat the fish! Yet America is consuming tilapia, 80% of which comes straight from China!


2. Cod Fish

Same thing with cod. It’s unhealthy, raised in filth, and America gets 50% of its cod from China.

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