McDonald's - City Center Mall

  • 2 years   ago
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Every fast food's most popular menu item is a "Burger". What’s a fast food restaurant without a burger, right?

McDonald's has touched hearts of millions of people across the globe, from old to young. Toddlers can recognize it even before they are able to speak a sentence. 

Gone are the days of the - "Hi Sir/ Ma'am, how can I help you today?” Yes, here in Doha at the City Center Mall, a new menu is served - that's right; an innovative technology in the art of making Burger, known as the 'Create Your Taste,' has been introduced.

This concept allows dinners to customize their burgers; it’s not just a burger no more, its lots more, it’s Burgtastic!

Digital touchscreen that provides a self-service concept that allows you to experiment from a range of buns & ingredients just to make your art tingle your taste buds.

It’s simple as A, B, C in just 6 simple steps. All you have to do is, choose your bun, then the meat, let's make it a little cheesy, let’s try some mushrooms or grilled pineapples and with some pickles or sliced jalapenos, throw in some lettuce to get that fresh crunch taste and finally to conquer the taste, get that sauce! The Big Mac Special or something spicy, wrap it up and Tada! Your Art is ready to eat.

Every now and then we all deserve a treat, so the price shouldn’t be a concern. Yes, the prices are slightly higher than your average burger. But hey! It’s a 'I made that burger' feeling.

The interior has this imitative industrial look and the pipeworks are visible. With greetings at the entrance and McCafe, don’t get me started with the Coffee. 

These added convenience makes it a much sought-after meal for busy people, those who are on-the-go, students or those who simply do not have time to cook food at home.

If you all are wondering where this is, it’s located in City Center Mall, ground floor and its 24 hours too!




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