15 Outrageously Rich Celebs Who Own Private Islands

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How does a celebrity know that they have too much money? Is it when they can afford a $100,000 watch? Maybe it’s when they purchase their first Bentley or when they buy their first mansion with a tennis court and moat. It’s obvious which day it is. It’s the day they can finally afford to purchase their very own private island. Celebrities often earn millions for their work regardless if it’s in movies, music, or sports. Celebs usually get paid the big bucks alongside various endorsement deals. They get paid thousands of dollars for appearances and cameos. These celebs have so much money they don’t know what to do with it. Perhaps, even when they throw them all out into the ocean, they won’t run out of it in a week’s time. They’ve already purchased their homes, cars, and expensive jewelry. They’ve gone on expensive vacations and parties on yachts. However, the really smart ones don’t go on a three-week vacation, they go on a permanent vacation.



Imagine a vacation that never ends with all day spent at the beach. Even better, there is nobody around unless you want them to be. The only way celebrities achieve this dream of a life is when they purchase an island. These islands are often in the most beautiful and exotic parts of the world. These islands cost millions of dollars but the exotic and incredible landscapes make it worth it. It takes ridiculously rich celebrities to buy their own island but it happens all the time. Some celebs have it all. Here is a look at 15 Outrageously Rich Celebs That Own Private Islands.


15. Nicolas Cage – Leaf Cay, Bahamas


Nicolas Cage is known for loving to spend money. He’s bought everything from haunted mansions, crocodiles, King Cobras, an octopus, and dinosaur skulls. Of course, Cage is also going to buy an island. It’s just common sense after buying a dinosaur skull. At one point, Cage was one of the highest paid actors in the world. He has an estimated net worth of $18 million and clearly has put that money to good use. Nicolas Cage has appeared in a number of memorable films such as Moonstruck, The Rock and Adaptation. He won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for his iconic role in the critically-acclaimed film Leaving Las Vegas.

Nicolas Cage had a great deal of success and fame in his career. With all the incredible success came a great deal of money and he’s enjoyed every minute of spending it. In 2006, Nicolas Cage purchased Leaf Cay in the Bahamas for $3 million. He probably enjoys some alone time on his island with his dinosaur skull.

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